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New Laws Mandate Food Safety Training

Australia’s food safety laws are set by Food Standards Australia/New Zealand (FSANZ) and published in the Food Standards Code. This Code includes specific measures designed to protect consumers from contamination and foodborne disease. Despite this, reported cases of food poisoning in Australia continue to exceed 4 million a year. With no sign of improvement, FSANZ was forced to introduce tough new laws to mitigate the risk. So, in December 2022, Standard 3.2.2A (Food Safety Management Tools) was added to the Code and enforcement commenced from 8th December 2023.

These new food safety laws apply to every food business across Australia and make it unlawful for anyone to handle food without first completing a food safety training Course. When it comes to what qualifies as handling food, the law defines this as - the making, cooking, preparing, serving, packing, displaying, storing, and the delivery of food as well as the cleaning of equipment, utensils, surfaces and cutlery. This even applies to childcare operators where parents prepare the food.

As a minimum, this training must include safe food handling, contamination, cleaning & sanitising as well as personal hygiene as a bare minimum. But the actual content, the method of delivery, and how often it’s repeated are for the business owner to decide.

While there are any number of training courses on offer, most are overpriced, and you’ll be hard pressed to find any that are industry specific.

So, the Food Safety eLearning Academy (FSEA) was established to meet this need by providing high quality industry specific training solutions at a price everyone can afford. Developed with help from leading experts, our Courses comply with federal and state laws, mitigate risk, and help to instil food safety into the culture of your company.

In addition to food safety, the FSEA offers practical infectious disease training developed in accordance with NHMRC Guidelines.

Our students gain the knowledge they need and learn how to apply it.

6000+ Course Enrolments Since Feb 2023

Since accepting our first students in February 2023, we've had over 6000 course enrolments. With 24/7 access, students are free to learn at their own pace and at a time and place that best suits them. Just like a text book, each Course is broken down into Chapters and each Chapter takes about 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The learning material was created with the help of leading industry experts and is delivered using one of the world's most prominent online education platforms.

Easy-to-understand written copy, diagrams, high-resolution images, and world's best practice videos brings it to life. There’s a FACT SHEET at the end of each Chapter for student to download and keep plus a Quiz. Both serve to reinforce the key learning outcomes for maximum knowledge retention. The successful completion of each Course is rewarded with an official Certificate of Completion.


Over 6000 Course Enrolments Since February 2023


Easy to Arrange - Saves Time & Money


The Complete Childcare Training Solution

Bundle includes 3 Courses: CHILDCARE Food Handler (PLUS) + CHILDCARE Infectious Disease + ADVANCED Food Safety Training.
Chapter 1 FACT SHEET


“When training is relevant and engaging, it leaves a positive impression, the knowledge is more likely to be retained, the behaviour is more likely to be adopted, performance improves, and it helps shape workplace culture and employee behaviour. This is what we strive to achieve.” - Graham Henrickson

Vision & Purpose

"Knowledge comes from understanding how to use information to achieve an expected result"

Although the science of food safety is universal, how it translates into work practices is not, and that’s because every industry is different. The Company purpose is to relieve business owners of their training burden, deliver peace of mind and provide them with the necessary proof of compliance.


To offer the very best available non-accredited food safety training solutions for food handlers in childcare, aged care, and hospitality. Our industry specific content is developed with help from leading experts so we can deliver a high-quality learning experience that matches the context and needs of a student’s actual work environment. 


Our training content is developed with help from leading experts in accordance with the Australian Food Standards Code and the National Health & Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and aligned with key industry bodies. This includes the ACECQA National Quality Framework and the Residential Aged Care Star Rating System. The content is reviewed and updated according to changes to legislation and industry guidelines.


A mix of written copy, images, diagrams, and high-quality videos bring each Lesson to life. These are delivered using one of the world’s most prominent online education platforms. With 24/7 access to expert knowledge, students can learn, when and from wherever they choose. At the end of each Chapter, students receive a FACT SHEET with the key learning outcomes and a Quiz acts as the gateway to the next Chapter through to the end of the Course.


After completing one of our Courses, students have the knowledge and skills required by law and a greater understanding of how to use them. They will be better skilled and more capable of identifying and addressing risks to the health and wellbeing of your customers, clients, and those in their care.


Accredited Vs Non-Accredited

There are benefits for both Accredited and Non-accredited Training Courses.

  • Is this an Accredited or Non-accredited Course?

    The Food Safety eLearning Academy is not an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) so the Courses we offer are non-accredited.

  • What defines an Accredited Course?

    Accredited Courses are delivered by an RTO to a set national standard curriculum and come with a nationally recognised certificate. Accredited Courses are often a requirement for jobs with greater authority - like a Food Safety Supervisor.

  • Are Food Handlers required to undertake an Accredited Course?

    The law does require Food Handlers to undertake food safety training but there is no nationally accredited training course. So, how this is delivered is left up to each business to decide. However, the training must include - safe food handling, contamination, cleaning & sanitising as well as personal hygiene.

  • Why undertake a Non-accredited Course?

    A non-accredited courses is no less valuable than an accredited one. They are particularly good for learning new skills or building on existing proficiencies. Typically, they're more practical, shorter in duration, and cheaper. This means you can gain a new skillset in less time and at less cost. They are an equally important addition to your Resume.

  • Professional

    High quality multi-media content, simple language with FACT SHEETS to download and keep.

  • Available 27/4

    Simply connect to the internet using a PC, laptop, smart phone or smart device from anywhere and at any time.

  • Compliant

    Training content is compliant with Australian (Federal & State) laws and regulations.

  • 3 Months

    Once enrolled, students have 3 months to complete their Course.

  • Certificate

    Successful completion is recognised and rewarded with an official Certificate of Completion.

  • Affordable

    We deliver world-class online training and education at a price everyone can afford.

  • Fact Sheets

    Students receive FREE Fact Sheets with each Course. These reinforce the key learning outcomes & reduce the need for note taking.

  • Resource Library

    Students receive FREE access to our online resource library.

  • Community Platform

    Students receive FREE membership to our community platform to share knowledge and stay up to date.

Graham Henrickson

Founder & Managing Director

Graham Henrickson has been a highly successful senior corporate executive for 30+ years’, having worked for some of the world's best brands. He’s a leading expert in brand strategy & campaign development for domestic and international markets. Graham began his career as a management trainee with Myer Department Stores where he worked across multiple divisions. He left to lead one of the most successful cosmetic brands in the country before becoming regional managing director for one of the worlds most recognised watch brands. While in the watch & jewellery industry, Graham was elected unopposed to Chairman of the Board for the Jewellers Assoc. of Australia and President of the Aust. Timepiece Council. Graham has a Bachelor of Business Management Degree with a major in Organisational Psychology from Queensland University of Technology and is no stranger to competency based training and online education platforms. As well as the Food Safety eLearning Academy, Graham is the founder and managing director of idResults Pty Ltd - a management consulting firm providing big end of town expertise to SME's.

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